on thee road

So, I’m headed to Texas from my home in Ohio. And let me tell you this 17 hours in the car is killing me! Weve barely made a dent , almost to Tennessee. However, I do have amazing music to get me through it :-).
Albums I personally recommend for thee old road trip:

Shwayze- perfect for beautiful days and right now its clear skies all the way. I love the entire album.
P!nk, funhouse- I just absolutely love this album (fav tracks: mean, crystal ball and I don’t believe you)
John Legend, evolver- want something with soul and beauty listen to I love, You love (my personal favorite). Other good ones are: everybody knows, cross the line and this time.
Now22- lots of throwbacks that well all know every word to lol. Like: Fergalicious, Ice box, Short like mine, Lily Allen’s smile, etc.
Trevor Hall, this is blue- real earthy, raw music. I love the creative lyrics and Trevor’s mad guitar skills lol. My fav on this album is House of Cards.
Katy Perry, teenage dream- very fun album, I love: who am I living for. And of course the hits: teenagedream, California girls and E.T.

Those are just the cds we’ve listened to so far lol. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-).


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