Transfering my style:)

I’m sooo tired of my look. I feel very boring and dull, so I am changing it up. I am transforming my look. 🙂
First things first: getting together all the peices I already have and just baught. I’ve got another week before payday so I can’t just run to the mall and buy everything I see, so I gotta use what I got. Plus there are tons of items I really could incorporate into my style but I never take the time to get creative.
Next: I’m forcing myself to wear something different every day for 20 days(starting tomorrow). I have to step up the creativity since I can’t wear an outfit I’ve worn before. Plus, no matter wat I have to blog about it, so I can see the progress:-)
Hopefully I succeed and my look is transformed!
We will see as I add to my wardrobe 🙂


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