Smarter Shopping Sunday/ Day 10




Go Thrifting!

The other day my family and I went thifting and I found so many awesome deals! The thrift store we went to just so happen to be having a 50% off sale:)

I found I think 4 skirts, a dress, a top, a purple blazer, a jacket and some things for my boyfriend. Price? get this- $26!!
I’m so proud of my finds:)

Here’s what you do:
Go to a local thrift store that you love.
Sign up to their email list, so you receive a notice each time they have a sale.
Show up for the sale and start saving!

Thrifting is a great way to get new items, even on a budget. Best part? No one will have the same pieces you do. Most of everything is vintage, each item is uniquely yours:)

What I Wore :
Top: target, blazer: applebees thrifted-75cents!, jeans; converse, shoes : target

Sorry for the awful facial expressions haha. It was the end if the day, I was very much so done 🙂



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