Awesome Video Find

I found this awesome video on Osborn Design’s Blog. I just thought it was cute and inspiring so check it out:)

PS- you can find sweet looks from Osborn via Made to Travel. Take a look into the awesome world of Osborn here. Plus be sure to hit up all of Jamillah’s amazing looks and style pointers, while your there! I love her:)

well heres the video:

hope you liked it!




4 thoughts on “Awesome Video Find

  1. You are so sweet. Thanks for the kind words about me and my little blog. I’m so happy you checked out Osborn! They are FANTASTIC! I’m really glad you posted this video! I found it super inspirational too, but didn’t know how to work it into my post….wonderful thing that you did!!

    You made my day M! 😀 Love you right back!


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