My Favorite DIY Projects:)

chalkboard necklace diy - finished!

From oh, hello friend.

Also from oh, hell0 friend,  this awesome gift for mom:) I thought this was a cute idea for any gift.

MOM tattoo plant marker - finished!

What to do with extra frabic?? Make fun hair accesories! Found on Aqui🙂

Make tired, plain note cards pretty and personal with these special envelopes.

Spotted on Chic N Cheap. Here are all her other sweet DIY projects🙂

Love this dish mat found on Made to Travel!  So cute and rustic:)

Plus you could make matching pot holders:) for even a bath mat!

A solution to keeping your long necklaces tangle-free, also from Aqui.

Dont throw away those old books, use them for this unique necklace:)

found on Mandipidy.

Check out his pretty dry erase board:)

found on Metal and Mud.

How to Make an over-sized clutch:) I love this because its so easy and you really dont need to buy anything for it.

Spotted on Fashion du jour Daily.

There ya have it:) check these ladies out! and be sure to try these projects.




5 thoughts on “My Favorite DIY Projects:)

  1. Really nice post! Thanks so much for the inclusion! There are some really great ideas! I’m popping over to learn how to make DIY clutch next!


  2. Thank you so much for including me M!!! You are too sweet…LOOOOVE the other projects too! The envelop guy is so precious :). Have a lovely Sunday, sweetie!


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