Lady Emmy Revised

Why does life have to be a journey? Why does it take forever to get to a place in life that you dreamt so long ago? My life has changed a lot, for the better, since I first started Lady Emmy. That being said, Lady Emmy is getting a face lift.
My whole intention from the beginning of LE was to talk about things I cared about, to have a creative outlet in my life, to be an open book. But I lost my drive and Lady Emmy became more of a hassle. My life has been so crazy and hectic, I lost myself in my in life.

That being said, Lady Emmy is getting a face lift:) I want LE to talk about what fuels my life now, the things I love, the things I hate, what builds me up, what inspires me.  And what I find about my life is that its ever changing and growing; same will be the case for Lady Emmy.

So I introduce you to the new and improved Lady Emmy


one: I’m engaged and will be married on May 20th!

Me and my lovely future husband, Quinton:)

I will definitely be keeping you guys posted as the day draws closer and the details come together.

two: I really want to incorporate my recent passion for cooking:) So LE will also feature some food and recipe posts.

three: I think the most important thing LE was missing before was spirituality and biblical posts. This is a very big part of my life and I want to share that with all of you.

four: My fiance and I will be building our home together after our wedding. So I would also like to feature some interior design posts.

five: I will still be doing some outfit posts, but I want it to be more about bargain shopping and thrifting.

six: In February I will be starting a 15 day cleanse. I would like to share with you my struggles and progress. After the cleanse I will be joining weight watchers, so this should be interesting:) Healthy Living will be a reoccurring feature on LE.

seven: There are many things going on around the world that I feel needs to be brought into focus. There will be a world events feature added to Lady Emmy.

and eight: If you were apart of the few who followed me before, you know I’m a lover of the arts:) This will definitely be a constant feature on LE.

Well there you have it, I hope you all stick around to see all the great changes on Lady Emmy, and that you find my life interesting enough to read about it:)

Thanks for your support,



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