Mens Wedding Fashion: the Tuxedo

The Classic Tuxedo. This is the default look for most grooms and their groomsman.

However,  there are many more options for our men. Our Grooms need to be able to share the spotlight on our special day.  And having options really lets them express themselves.

Upscale Black Tuxedo:

Now this is a much better option than the simple tuxedo, shown first. Most tuxedo rental companies offer a wide variety of upscale tuxedos at really reasonable prices. So don’t think its out of your budget. Shop around, find out whose got the best prices. You don’t have to buy the tux. Click Here for an article on renting vs. buying your wedding day tux.

The Ultra Formal Tux:

This is tuxedo is great for the fairytale wedding:) I think it looks best when the bride is in that beautiful Cinderella ballgown. Love it:)


The White Tux:

Ive seen a lot of men go for the white tuxedo, to match the wholesomeness of their bride-to-be. And this is actually a less expensive option. However the white tux isn’t as fashion-forward as I would like.

A Casual Option:

A lot of couples have chosen a more casual setting, giving a relaxed look and feel to their wedding. This khaki suit is a nice look, if that’s what your going for. Ive also seen the groom is a very light khaki pant and vest, but no jacket. Click Here to view one from J.Crew.

The Default Groomsman:

Many couples like the groomsman to match the bridesmaids in a very obvious way. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, its very common and expected. Around here, you can go to Davids Bridal for bridesmaids dresses and then to Men’s Warehouse and get an exact match in vests and ties for the groomsman. That’s great, and I think it works out in most weddings. However, we chose another option.

The Grey Tux:

This is the tuxedo that Quinton and I chose for him and all the groomsman to wear for our wedding. Grey has a really been our favorite. And I think the guys are going to look fantastic:) They will have on periwinkle ties, to coordinate with the bridesmaids.

Hope this was some how helpful:)





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