Table Numbers!

My sister and I worked our little fingers down to the bone on these!!
We used 4.5″ x 6.5″ card stock that came in a value pack of 100.

and we used a 12″x12″ paper pad full of different patterned papers

We also bought a stencil to use for the numbers,  we would either cut out the numbers or use glitter on them.  (before using the stencil we, of course, cut the patterned paper down to size)

We printed off  the word “table” in a pretty font and then traced it onto the patterned paper and then WA-LA!

The value card stock was around $4.99 (Micheal’s)

Patterned Paper Pad was $9.99 (w/ coupon at JoAnn’s)

The stencil was around $4 (Micheal’s)

And the glitter was $3. (Walmart)

Total cost for 45 table numbers, 5 family tables and 3 for the wedding party table: $22.98!!

And it only took us a little over a weekend to do it (with breaks:))

Sorry the picture of the finished product is so blurry, camera phone…

hope you like em





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