What I’m In Love With This Week

I just started really browsing Blog Lovin, and I definitely decided I’m a fan:)

These are some post from fellow bloggers that I love from this week:

1. Igor + Andre’

Artist Danny Roberts Sketch of DNA Model Ali Michael & hardy in Teen Vogue March 2007 Editorial called Made in Japan Photographed by Nick Haymes

Artist: Danny Roberts

This man is amazing! All of his work is just beautiful. I actually used to paint and sketch but with life’s hectic schedule and lack of inspiration, I definitely fell off the wagon, but this blog motivated me to get back on. Which is why Igor + Andre’  was my #1 favorite of the week:)

Plus, there’s a Igor + Andre’ shop!! Do your self a favor and check Danny out:)

2. Discovering Elegance

I love this outfit post by Chelle Morgan. The look just speaks spring and I love it:) Check this girl out , she definitely has a style both elegant and perfectly feminine.

3. Denim on Denim

I love this look I found on Reserverade Fashion.


I love this girl her style is so cute and she’s constantly wearing vintage and thrift store finds! Totally right up my ally. And I’m really loving the denim on denim this season.

4. Designer Thursday on Chic n Cheap Living

This week Chic n Cheap featured Rachel Zoe (fall 2011) I love the suits and dresses. It definitely had a 70’s twist to it and this look was my favorite:

Be sure the check out Chic n Cheap for style tips for body and home:)

5. Silver Ridge Studio

ok so technically this is a shop.. but ive been obsessing with this lovely store since I entered a contest, on Chic n Cheap, to win a piece from it.

Cate Parr is an amazing water-color artist and her work is truly wonderful.

This one is my absolute favorite:

Watercolor Fashion Illustration Print  C est Magique

Go check out her shop, her work is something any home would be lucky to have. So be sure to enter the contest!

6. Last but not least, Osborn Shoes

I found a window into the Osborn Design world on Made to Travel.

Needless to say, I fell in love:). These are a bit on the pricey side, but a girl can dream!

Check out Osborn here. And be sure to check out Jamillah at Made to Travel for pointers on awesome brands, trends and style.

Ok, so that was my list of must see sites for the week, I loved them and I hope you do too:)



Awesome Contest for Original Art

Check out this awesome contest for an original water color print from Silver Ridge Studios. Go to Chic N Cheap Living for more information on the contest and on how to enter.

All of the pieces are absolutly stunning; I definitly want one for my personal collection.
While your there at Chic n Cheap Living, check out her inspiring posts about everything from your home decor to your personal style, plus a little travel time:) This blog is truly amazing, I follow it daily.

Good Luck!