How to Plan a Themed Date Night

Theme: Divergent 

My Wonderful Husband surprised me and is taking me to see the movie “Insurgent”. I have been anticipating this sequel to Divergent since I read the book series by Veronica Roth and seen the first movie! So needless to say I was ecstatic when my hubby said he was taking me out!

insurgent poster

Since Quinton was taking care of the entertainment, I started on the food:)

I went Pintresting to find Divergent themed food. I found an awesome blog, that has great Divergent themed party ideas! So I catered them to fit my date night.

This is our Menu:

  • Drink: Amity Apple Cider  ( I just mixed Apple Cider with Rum and Lemon Lime Soda;more spiked cider ideas here.)
  • Food: Dauntless Hamburger, topped with Erudite Bleu Cheese and Abnegation Fried Egg. Served on an Abnegation Flat Bread Bun.
  • Dessert: Candor Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

apple cider

We will start the night off with dinner and then watch the DVD of the first in the series, Divergent and then go to the theater to see the premier of Insurgent!!


So, to wrap up: All you need to plan a themed Date Night, is an idea, entertainment and a menu.

It doesn’t take much to make a normal Thursday night into a fun time for 2:)

Cost: The Movie tickets were $25 for both. I already had rum, hamburger, eggs, and lemon lime soda at home, so for the rest of the groceries it cost $13. Total Cost for an awesome themed Date Night: $38!!!

I cant wait for our date night tomorrow!!



Party Planning 101: Decorations Part 2

Hello Party Planners!

I wanted to just take a moment and talk a little more about party decorations. If you read my post, Party Planning 101: Decorations, you know that I planned my older sister’s baby shower recently. I had so much fun and I made almost all of the decorations myself. In the other post, I talked about the tissue paper pom-poms. Which are super easy to make and really tie in the look of whatever party you are throwing. For my sister’s baby shower everything was pink and orange. So when I decided to make my own garland, of course it had to be shades of pink and orange!

As I was planning and looking for inspiration, I had seen these circle garland on etsy.

il_340x270_477536542_q51mI think these are sooo cute! However when I was making them, I did not have the patience or time to sew the circles together like that… So this is how I did it:

Supplies: Card Stock, White Thread, Scotch Tape, Poster Board, something round to trace and Scissors.

1st: Trace as many circles as you can fit on the card stock. My circles were around 2 1/2 inches.

2nd: Cut out the circles you traced.

3rd: Tape one strand of thread to the back of the circles. I did 9 circles per strand, with each circle about 2-3 inches apart.

I, for some reason, forgot to take any “real” pictures of the party decorations. (Don’t worry I am still kicking myself) So, I apologize for the horrible picture quality!

IMG_20141221_201743I really liked the idea of using the garland as a back drop. As you can see I used the circle garland along with party streamers and gift ribbons. I also made some heart shaped garland the same way I made the circle garland. I taped a top part of each line of garland to a strip of orange poster board, in a random pattern. It was a little hard to transport, and to keep them from tangling. But I was happy with how it turned out!

treat bar blurrySorry its so blurry!! this is the best pic I could find from a friend. This is the treat bar. All treats fit with the pink and orange theme.

I hope this was a bit helpful! I will be posting more about the treat bar and the fun Baby shower games we played soon!



Manicure Monday

photo (1) photo

I did my nails for the Sugar Bowl, representing My team Ohio State!! Ready for them to face off against the Ducks next Monday:)

These Nail Wraps are from Jamberry, they have tons of Collegiate styles so you can represent your team! You can see them all in the links!



Party Planning 101: Decorations

I love throwing parties!! Like Seriously LOVE! A couple weeks ago I threw my older sister’s baby shower and just this last week I had a Sugar Bowl Party. Its so much fun planning the activities and decorations and getting everyone together!

Today we are just going to focus on the decorations.

For both parties I made floating Tissue Paper Pom Poms.


These are super easy to make and add a lot to the atmosphere!

This is how I do them:


8 sheets of Tissue Paper

White Thread (you can use ribbon, but thread give the floating illusion)

1. make sure your tissue paper is the same size. Depending on the size on Pom Poms you want, you may want to cut the sheets of tissue paper. If I want smaller pom poms, I usually cut them in half and then in half again. So out of 8 sheets of regular sized Tissue, you get 4 pom poms. (I like this size best) If you want big ones just keep them the normal size.

2. line up your 8 sheets (cut or not) the Tissue will be rectangular. You want to be looking at the tissue like this:2x1-rectangleNow start at the bottom and make accordion folds all the way to the top.

3. Cut a long piece of tread and tie it around the center of the folded Tissue.

4. When your ready to hang them, carefully separate each layer of tissue. Make sure the thread stays in place.

5. Hang from the ceiling with a small piece of tape.

imagesCASRG0AMredI used Pink and Orange Tissue for My sister’s Shower and Red for the Sugar Bowl Party (We’re Ohio Sate fans!)

These Pom Poms were super easy to make and really cheap! I spent .88 on a pack of 20 sheets of tissue on sale at Target and I already had thread. I used about 4 packs for my sisters shower (the venue was kinda big) and I only used 8 sheets of tissue for the Sugar Bowl Party.

I will post more on decorations later this week!



photos found via google


Easy DIY Scarf

I know Ive been focusing a lot on my photography, but I want this blog to be about ALL the things I like:) Which includes DIY.

So, I found these old cloth napkins at the thrift store a while ago. Ive kept them in a box, saying I was going to do something with them for forever. Today, I finally found inspiration in them.


I decided to make these four squares into a unique scarf..


1. Fold into a big triangle by putting 2 opposite corners together.


2. Put the corners of each folded triangle together so that they overlap.


3. Tie the corners together in a tight knot.

And that’s it, wrap it however you like:)


Don’t judge me, I know I look crazy:)

So I spent 30 cents on the four cloth napkins and it took all of 2 minutes to make.. not too shabby.



Table Numbers!

My sister and I worked our little fingers down to the bone on these!!
We used 4.5″ x 6.5″ card stock that came in a value pack of 100.

and we used a 12″x12″ paper pad full of different patterned papers

We also bought a stencil to use for the numbers,  we would either cut out the numbers or use glitter on them.  (before using the stencil we, of course, cut the patterned paper down to size)

We printed off  the word “table” in a pretty font and then traced it onto the patterned paper and then WA-LA!

The value card stock was around $4.99 (Micheal’s)

Patterned Paper Pad was $9.99 (w/ coupon at JoAnn’s)

The stencil was around $4 (Micheal’s)

And the glitter was $3. (Walmart)

Total cost for 45 table numbers, 5 family tables and 3 for the wedding party table: $22.98!!

And it only took us a little over a weekend to do it (with breaks:))

Sorry the picture of the finished product is so blurry, camera phone…

hope you like em




DIY : Headband

I found a skirt in a bag of freebies from my mom, that didn’t fit me well and for some reason smelled like old lady… however i liked the print and thought I could somehow use it as a refashion.
Im sorry, I forgot to take a before photo. But here is my DIY project I did, using the chiffon skirt liner.


1. After removing one of the liners seams, I opened it up and cut 3 long strips out of it (verticly).



2. Next, I stitched all 3 stips together at one end.



3. I loosely braided them together.


4. I sewed the other end together.


5. I looped one end around a poneytail holder (about an inch) and stitched the matieral together. And then I did the same thing on the other side.



Watcha think?? I know my sewing sucks so excuse me:)



Before Meets After: Harem Pants

I got these pants from the swap box at work and I knew theyd be perfect for making some DIY harem pants:)


Horrible, right?? They are about 4 sizes too big..


What do u think?? 🙂




My beautiful sister who helped me with this project:)

My Favorite DIY Projects:)

chalkboard necklace diy - finished!

From oh, hello friend.

Also from oh, hell0 friend,  this awesome gift for mom:) I thought this was a cute idea for any gift.

MOM tattoo plant marker - finished!

What to do with extra frabic?? Make fun hair accesories! Found on Aqui🙂

Make tired, plain note cards pretty and personal with these special envelopes.

Spotted on Chic N Cheap. Here are all her other sweet DIY projects🙂

Love this dish mat found on Made to Travel!  So cute and rustic:)

Plus you could make matching pot holders:) for even a bath mat!

A solution to keeping your long necklaces tangle-free, also from Aqui.

Dont throw away those old books, use them for this unique necklace:)

found on Mandipidy.

Check out his pretty dry erase board:)

found on Metal and Mud.

How to Make an over-sized clutch:) I love this because its so easy and you really dont need to buy anything for it.

Spotted on Fashion du jour Daily.

There ya have it:) check these ladies out! and be sure to try these projects.