In Honor of Miss Whitney Houston

I’d like to take a moment to look toward the beautiful Miss Whitney Houston, who we’ve lost unexpectedly.

Her beauty, music and fashion inspire us all..

Take some time and check out‘s review of the beauty icon.

All photos found via Google



These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are some things Ive stumbled upon in the last couple days that Ive really liked, wether they be photos or ideas:)

After watching Caddyshack the other night, I was moved to search the stars of the 1980 flick

And I just love this pic of Mr Bill Murray:)

How cute was Chevy Chase?? He was friggin adorable! (pics were found on Google)

And of course I had to feature my current Igor + Andre Obsession!

Danny Roberts Painting of a couple Kissing wearing bright colorful masks in a photo

Photo Inspiration found at Chic N Cheap Living:

And this amazing photo from Sara @ Aqui:

I was moved to send a card to those I love by Jamillah from Made to Travel

Arent these cupcakes awesome?!

Last but not least my love Adele

Oh, and if you havent already, check out Adele’s One and Only. My stupid computer wont let me add the video here ­čśŤ But its friggin AMAZING!



(cupcakes and Adele photo found on Google)

on thee road

So, I’m headed to Texas from my home in Ohio. And let me tell you this 17 hours in the car is killing me! Weve barely made a dent , almost to Tennessee. However, I do have amazing music to get me through it :-).
Albums I personally recommend for thee old road trip:

Shwayze- perfect for beautiful days and right now its clear skies all the way. I love the entire album.
P!nk, funhouse- I just absolutely love this album (fav tracks: mean, crystal ball and I don’t believe you)
John Legend, evolver- want something with soul and beauty listen to I love, You love (my personal favorite). Other good ones are: everybody knows, cross the line and this time.
Now22- lots of throwbacks that well all know every word to lol. Like: Fergalicious, Ice box, Short like mine, Lily Allen’s smile, etc.
Trevor Hall, this is blue- real earthy, raw music. I love the creative lyrics and Trevor’s mad guitar skills lol. My fav on this album is House of Cards.
Katy Perry, teenage dream- very fun album, I love: who am I living for. And of course the hits: teenagedream, California girls and E.T.

Those are just the cds we’ve listened to so far lol. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-).