Photo Assignment: Still Life

Continuing with my Tom Ang Photography Book(s) photography assignments… this is my 2nd.

I took these while camping with my family out in Portsmouth, Ohio. The leaves where beautiful, but I loved these canoes:)

Still Life

Photography Assignment #1

Hello, all:)

Ive had a growing love for Tom Ang. Not just because he’s an amazing photographer, but because his books have taught me so much!

Right now, Im reading: Digital Photography Master Class. I’m still in the very beginning, but I have to say, I’m in love:)

This is what his website says about it: Digital Photography Masterclass was conceived as a course in photography. We wanted to give readers the idea that they were learning directly from me, as if on a workshop. So chapters started with an introduction to the topic, peppered with analyses of how pictures work. This was followed by assignments and, best of all, examples of work from amateurs who actually did the assignments and sent them for review. (Thank you to all of you who took part!) Rounding off with interviews with star photographers, it’s a book with very rich variety of content.

So… this is Assignment #1: City Lights

I live in Dayton, Ohio. Its not bustling with traffic at night, or filled with wonderful colored lights, but these are some photos I took on my little adventure:)


I really dont know why I love this picture (above) so much:)






Not to bad for my first assignment….

To help you find inspiration and further your abilities as a photographer, I hope you look into one of Tom Ang’s many books🙂

Happy Shooting:)



A Day in the Life of Me:)

My friends and I were out inviting our neighbors to an event that’s happening this weekend,  when we came upon this awesome house:)

I just love how my camera phone captured the colors!

So, about this weekend…

A three day convention is being held worldwide based on the theme: ‘Safeguard Your Heart.’ It is completely free and completely based on the bible:) Im very excited to hear all of the encouraging discussions and the live play that will be on Sunday.

To find out where the convention is being held in your area visit It will give you the date and location.

Have a great weekend



Photo Love

These are some of the photos Ive been drooling over the past couple days, and I thought Id share:)

The first 3 are from Nick Exposed. The next two are from Photo Q. And the last one is from Fashion-esque.

If you havent already take some time to check out their lovely sites:)



Taylor Swift on Vogue

I was pleasantly surprised with Taylor Swift in the Febuary issue of Vogue. I think you will too, so have a look:)

For more information on Taylor’s interview check the links below:



Whats to Come on Lady Emmy

I’ve been working on a couple projects so I thought I would include you all and tell you whats to come:)

1. I’m doing a Culture Study Series. I’ve always been really interested in different cultures and this is my way of, not only learning more about them, but also sharing the knowledge:). I’ve already started on the first Culture Study, Vietnam.

2. I’m thinking of doing a post or two about trying the looks on Beautifully Invisible’s post on Jack Sparrow…. I think it could get interesting:).

3. I’m also, wanting to do the photography challenge I spotted on Metal and Mud. Looks like fun, and its a way for me to get back into photography.

I think those are all the new features that are coming soon.. However, I do wanna start adding more art to my blog:)




Photo Love

Lee”scratch” Perry- spotted on The Selvedge Yard.

spotted on Satisfashion

jeff from the Midwestlye. I recently discovered these guys via Made to Travel, and Im in love:)

Audrey Hepburn spotted on Made to Travel.

Spotted on Chic N Cheap Living.

Zarna from Zarna’s Runway

Spotted on Mycropolis Architects.

From Nowhere to Nowhere - San Remo - Jim Worrall - Australia

photgraph by Jim Worrall



These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are some things Ive stumbled upon in the last couple days that Ive really liked, wether they be photos or ideas:)

After watching Caddyshack the other night, I was moved to search the stars of the 1980 flick

And I just love this pic of Mr Bill Murray:)

How cute was Chevy Chase?? He was friggin adorable! (pics were found on Google)

And of course I had to feature my current Igor + Andre Obsession!

Danny Roberts Painting of a couple Kissing wearing bright colorful masks in a photo

Photo Inspiration found at Chic N Cheap Living:

And this amazing photo from Sara @ Aqui:

I was moved to send a card to those I love by Jamillah from Made to Travel

Arent these cupcakes awesome?!

Last but not least my love Adele

Oh, and if you havent already, check out Adele’s One and Only. My stupid computer wont let me add the video here 😛 But its friggin AMAZING!



(cupcakes and Adele photo found on Google)