Photo Love

These are some of the photos Ive been drooling over the past couple days, and I thought Id share:)

The first 3 are from Nick Exposed. The next two are from Photo Q. And the last one is from Fashion-esque.

If you havent already take some time to check out their lovely sites:)



My Favorite DIY Projects:)

chalkboard necklace diy - finished!

From oh, hello friend.

Also from oh, hell0 friend,  this awesome gift for mom:) I thought this was a cute idea for any gift.

MOM tattoo plant marker - finished!

What to do with extra frabic?? Make fun hair accesories! Found on Aquiūüôā

Make tired, plain note cards pretty and personal with these special envelopes.

Spotted on Chic N Cheap. Here are all her other sweet DIY projectsūüôā

Love this dish mat found on Made to Travel!  So cute and rustic:)

Plus you could make matching pot holders:) for even a bath mat!

A solution to keeping your long necklaces tangle-free, also from Aqui.

Dont throw away those old books, use them for this unique necklace:)

found on Mandipidy.

Check out his pretty dry erase board:)

found on Metal and Mud.

How to Make an over-sized clutch:) I love this because its so easy and you really dont need to buy anything for it.

Spotted on Fashion du jour Daily.

There ya have it:) check these ladies out! and be sure to try these projects.



Whats to Come on Lady Emmy

I’ve¬†been working on a couple projects so I thought I would include you all and tell you whats to come:)

1. I’m¬†doing a Culture Study Series. I’ve always been really interested in different cultures and this is my way of, not only learning more about them, but also sharing the knowledge:). I’ve already started on the first Culture Study, Vietnam.

2. I’m thinking of doing a post or two about trying the looks on Beautifully Invisible’s post on Jack Sparrow…. I think it could get interesting:).

3. I’m also, wanting to do the photography challenge I spotted on Metal and Mud. Looks like fun, and its a way for me to get back into photography.

I think those are all the new features that are coming soon.. However, I do wanna start adding more art to my blog:)




Wednesday Thoughts

Well lets start from the top, ahem..

1. I live in South-western Ohio, and we’ve been having tornado scares all week..eek! The states have been hit all over this season and I hope all are doing ok:)

not very fun ūüė¶ ^^^^^

2nd. My car has been broken.. for the past 3 weeks! We just got it up and running, however, I now realize my whole life revolves around a dumb vehicle. Because of this I am thinking about getting something newer than my 04′ Chevy Cavalier. I know, I know. It’s not that old of a car. But, it¬†has well over 100,000 miles on it and the wear and tear is really catching up to it.. sigh.

My boyfriend really wants a Chevy Cruze

I don’t really care too much; I just want something dependable and great on gas. ( and I mean phenomenal on gas).

Any Ideas??

3rd: I’m kind of in love with this post from Chic N Cheap Living, about staying young.

I think its very inspiring:)

4th: Jack Sparrow: A Fashion Icon

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post on Beautifully Invisible! I mean, sure Johnny Depp is hot and hilarious in the Pirates series, but I was puzzled at first about this idea of taking fashion pointers from his character, Jack Sparrow. After reading, however, I have no idea why I hadn’t noticed it before. Check this article out, it’s a great read:)

5. Ok so, I’ll be honest, I never got into Glee. I really wasnt a fan. But last night, I got sucked into watching the finale.

I must say, between the abundance of musical numbers and the bits of drama, I may be hooked. (Im renting the rest of the season:))

What’d you think of the finale??

Well, that’s all folks:)

PS-My thoughts for the evening might have included the Idol results but I stopped caring once James was gone!

(all photos found via google, unless otherwise noted)



Photo Love

Lee”scratch” Perry- spotted on The Selvedge Yard.

spotted on Satisfashion

jeff from the Midwestlye. I recently discovered these guys via Made to Travel, and Im in love:)

Audrey Hepburn spotted on Made to Travel.

Spotted on Chic N Cheap Living.

Zarna from Zarna’s Runway

Spotted on Mycropolis Architects.

From Nowhere to Nowhere - San Remo - Jim Worrall - Australia

photgraph by Jim Worrall



These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are some things Ive stumbled upon in the last couple days that Ive really liked, wether they be photos or ideas:)

After watching Caddyshack the other night, I was moved to search the stars of the 1980 flick

And I just love this pic of Mr Bill Murray:)

How cute was Chevy Chase?? He was friggin adorable! (pics were found on Google)

And of course I had to feature my current Igor + Andre Obsession!

Danny Roberts Painting of a couple Kissing wearing bright colorful masks in a photo

Photo Inspiration found at Chic N Cheap Living:

And this amazing photo from Sara @ Aqui:

I was moved to send a card to those I love by Jamillah from Made to Travel

Arent these cupcakes awesome?!

Last but not least my love Adele

Oh, and if you havent already, check out Adele’s One and Only. My stupid computer wont let me add the video here ūüėõ But its friggin AMAZING!



(cupcakes and Adele photo found on Google)

What I’m In Love With This Week

I just started really browsing Blog Lovin, and I definitely decided I’m a fan:)

These are some post from fellow bloggers that I love from this week:

1. Igor + Andre’

Artist Danny Roberts Sketch of DNA Model Ali Michael & hardy in Teen Vogue March 2007 Editorial called Made in Japan Photographed by Nick Haymes

Artist: Danny Roberts

This man is amazing! All of his work is just beautiful. I actually used to paint and sketch but with life’s hectic schedule and lack of inspiration, I definitely fell off the wagon, but this blog¬†motivated me to get back on. Which is why Igor + Andre’ ¬†was my #1 favorite of the week:)

Plus,¬†there’s a Igor + Andre’ shop!!¬†Do your self a favor and check¬†Danny out:)

2. Discovering Elegance

I love this outfit post by Chelle Morgan. The look just speaks spring and I love it:) Check this girl out , she definitely has a style both elegant and perfectly feminine.

3. Denim on Denim

I love this look I found on Reserverade Fashion.


I love this girl her style is so cute and she’s constantly wearing vintage and thrift store finds! Totally right up my ally. And I’m really loving the denim on denim this season.

4. Designer Thursday on Chic n Cheap Living

This week Chic n Cheap featured Rachel Zoe (fall 2011) I love the suits and dresses. It definitely had a 70’s twist to it and this look was my favorite:

Be sure the check out Chic n Cheap for style tips for body and home:)

5. Silver Ridge Studio

ok so technically this is a shop.. but ive been obsessing with this lovely store since I entered a contest, on Chic n Cheap, to win a piece from it.

Cate Parr is an amazing water-color artist and her work is truly wonderful.

This one is my absolute favorite:

Watercolor Fashion Illustration Print  C est Magique

Go check out her shop, her work is something any home would be lucky to have. So be sure to enter the contest!

6. Last but not least, Osborn Shoes

I found a window into the Osborn Design world on Made to Travel.

Needless to say, I fell in love:). These are a bit on the pricey side, but a girl can dream!

Check out Osborn here. And be sure to check out Jamillah at Made to Travel for pointers on awesome brands, trends and style.

Ok, so that was my list of must see sites for the week, I loved them and I hope you do too:)



Awesome Video Find

I found this awesome video on Osborn Design’s Blog. I just thought it was cute and inspiring so check it out:)

PS- you can find sweet looks from Osborn via Made to Travel. Take a look into the awesome world of Osborn here. Plus be sure to hit up¬†all of Jamillah’s amazing looks and style pointers, while your there! I love her:)

well heres the video:

hope you liked it!