Invitation Photo Shoot

My fabulous fiance and I had to brave the cold on Sunday to have some photos done for our wedding invitation. I guess these double as our engagement pictures. But I would definitely like to get some more done soon.

These are the three we sent to our lovely invitation creator (probably not the proper title for her ha).

Here are some others I liked but not enough for our invitation

And we also got some good shots with my mom, my best friend and our best man:

Which one should we use for our invitations?? Of course all of them are raw and need editing, but Ill keep you updated as the invitaions come together:)



Anniversary :)



The 19th was my boyfriend’s and I 1yr and 8month anniversary 🙂 I had to work till 11:30p, so we didn’t really get to hang out or do anything like we usually do. However, we went to this 24hr donut shop and sat, drank coffee, had oversized donuts and did the crossword.

It was great being able to just relax, just the two of us.

If your looking for a cheap date night, this is a sweet option 🙂